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Elevate Your Heart Rate With Physical Therapy

Heart disease is a leading cause of death and disability. This shouldn't be a surprise - it's been at the top of the list for years. You know that taking care of your heart is important. That means doing things like eating right, avoiding smoking, and exercising regularly. While all of those things can be difficult, today we're going to focus on exercise. How Physical Therapy Can Help With Your Heart Health Cardiovascular exercise is anything that makes you breathe harder and your heart pump f...
Posted on 2022-06-03

Physical Therapy - PT - Not Just For Adults

When you think of physical therapy you might think of an injured athlete, someone recovering from surgery, or someone with a chronic medical problem. We're here to let you know that you should think of kids, too. Physical therapists are trained to work with patients of any age. Some even specialize in pediatrics. Here are a few things PTs can help kids with: Coordination Disorders and Gross Motor Delays Some children are delayed in hitting their gross motor milestones - things like sitting up ...
Posted on 2022-05-07

If You Like a Good Bargain, You're Going to LOVE Physical Therapy.

It's no secret that prices have been going up. Gas is expensive. Food is expensive. The housing market is crazy. If you're looking for ways to pinch some pennies or stretch your dollars, physical therapy might be just what you're looking for. Physical Therapy Saves Cost A study that looked at the claims data of 472,000 Medicare beneficiaries with back pain found that when PT was the first treatment, costs were 19 lower than for people who were sent straight to surgery. The study also found tha...
Posted on 2022-04-07

Your PT Can't Do Your Exercise For You

If you've been to physical therapy, you likely got a home exercise program. Research says that if you do your home exercise program, you'll have a significantly better chance of meeting your goals and feeling better. Not doing your program increases the risk of recurrent injury or flareups with less positive outcomes long term. Even though they're important, adherence to home exercise programs is terrible. It's estimated that only 40 to 50 of the people who do their home exercises consistently...
Posted on 2022-03-03

Physical Therapy Isn't Just For Pain. It Can Keep You Healthy For Life.

You know that physical activity is good for you. The benefits are well researched and the list is impressive. Here's just a sampling: ● Releases endorphins to make you feel good and fight depression ● Helps control weight ● Prevents diseases like stroke, diabetes and some forms of cancer ● Improves sleep ● Helps you live longer Recent studies even show that physical activity strengthens your immune system, with a protective effect against COVID, and that staying active through mi...
Posted on 2022-02-03
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