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Kearny NJ: Holsman Healthcare LLC

Kearny, NJ: Holsman Healthcare, LLC                                            House Calls Phone: 973-457-4232

711 Kearny Ave, Flr 1, Kearny NJ 07032
Tel: 201-535-8555 / 973-759-1494 / 877-268-9100
Fax: 973-759-0557
Service hours: 8am-8pm Monday to Sunday

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Welcome to Holsman Healthcare LLC

HOLSMAN HEALTHCARE, LLC is a New Jersey licensed Healthcare Service firm known for its caring and high quality services. We provide direct patient/client care in the patient's/client's homes through our highly skilled and professional Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists. We provide Home Care Services to patients and clients throughout Hudson, Essex, Bergen, Union and Passaic Counties. 

Services offered:

Home Physical Therapy

When physical impairments, injuries or limitations impact your quality of life and prevents you from getting out of your home, the physical therapists with Holsman Healthcare LLC in Kearny, New Jersey are there to help in the comfort of your own home. Our full array of physical therapy services includes post-surgery rehabilitation, treatment of musculoskeletal issues, balance training and vestibular rehabilitation to help people who are at risk for falls, therapeutic massage, gait training and ambulation issues, mobilization therapy focused on muscles ligaments and joints, and pain management.

Home Occupational Therapy

When physical limitations threaten your independence and ability to care for yourself, do your work, enjoy your leisure activities and safely get out of your home, the occupational therapists with Holsman Healthcare LLC  in New Jersey bring their expertise to help you in the comfort of your own home.

We offer self-care evaluation and training, which involves teaching techniques and use of adaptive devices to improve your ability to bathe, groom, dress and feed yourself, get in and out of the bathtub, on and off the toilet and other specific and essential tasks.

We can assess your ability to do homemaking tasks and look at alternative ways of performing tasks to adapt to limitations. We work with cardiac patients on dealing with fatigue and finding ways to do essential tasks with limited energy, and teach strengthening and conditioning exercises. We also provide therapy to encourage fine motor task skills using small muscles and gross motor skills using the larger muscles.

Home Speech-Language Therapy

Our speech therapists at Holsman Healthcare LLC assess speech, language, cognitive function and swallowing skills of designated patients in the comfort of their own homes in New Jersey.

These areas include articulation, fluency, voice projection, receptive and expressive language disorders to determine an evidence-based treatment plan. We will work with dysphagia and other feed disorders that include problems eating, swallowing and drooling.

We will also provide audiological screening in which our speech therapist performs a short screen to determine if a full audiological assessment is needed.


All insurance with out-of-network benefits.

Private Pay

Motor vehicle.

Workman's compensation.

We will gladly call your insurance company to verify benefits for you.

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