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Falls Prevention, Gait and Balance Training - HolStep™ and No Fall Protocol®

Falls Prevention, Gait and Balance Training

Holsman Falls Prevention and Balance training, uses evidence-based protocol combined with an individualized plan of care in a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach to prevent falls, fall related injuries and complications. Not only that HolsStep Holsman falls prevention and balance program unique in many respects, it also combines the safety of a well controlled clinic environment with a Physical Therapist using a harness system thereby allowing the patient to be challenged to their limits of stability up to the point of falling without being hurt while significantly increasing their confidence and efficacy; an evidence-based home program; and occupational therapy home assessment and intervention. Patients who are unable to drive or are without transportation can avail of our complimentary clinic transportation services to and from their home.

What is HolStep™  and No Fall Protocol® ?

HolStep™ is Physical Therapy Gait and Balance Training  with an overhead harness system.

Among the highlights of the HolStep™ program:

- Uses Solostep Harness System and or Lite Gait for Balance and Gait Training

- Uses the CDCs STEADI algorithm

- Consultation and Referral to their Primary Physician for Evaluation and management as well as Medication reconcilitation.

- Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment for Gait and Balance impairment

- Consultation and Referral to a Podiatrist for Foot and Ankle Related problems

- Home Assessment and Intervention by a licensed Occupational Therapist for ADL and safety impairment.

- Otago Exercise Program implementation by Certified PT and OT

- Vision referral to Opthalmology or Optometrist when needed

- Vestibular rehabilitation

No Fall Protocol®

 is an Individualized Twelve week intensive program at Holsman Physical Therapy, directed and supervised by a licensed Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist. It significantly helps to prevent falls, fall injuries, fractures, improves confidence, keep you remain active and most importantly, remain safe at home.

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