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Physical Therapy

A physical therapist will work with individuals who have physical impairments or limitations.  They promote movement and physical functional ability and prevent and treat impairment to movement.  A PT will work with individuals of all ages who have altered physical function secondary to injury, disease, orthopedic or neurological conditions.

Vestibular rehabilitation/Balance Training: The PT will provide therapeutic intervention to help respond to changes in the inner ear which effects the position of your body.  This is helpful if you are suffering from vertigo/dizziness.  Balance training will also benefit those who are clumsy on their feet or people who are at risk for falls.

Orthopedic /post-surgery rehab:  The physical therapist will work with a patient following surgery to promote optimal functional return after surgery.

Therapeutic massage:   A PT will apply pressure to soft tissue to decrease pain and reduce swelling.

Mobilization: A therapist will increase movement in muscles, ligaments and joints by therapeutically moving bones and ligaments into position to decrease pain, increase flexibility, increase circulation and relax muscles.

Pain Management:   PT uses therapeutic modalities to address pain issues a person may be having.

  • TENS (transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) sends small electrical pulses through the skin via electrodes being placed on parts of the body needing treatment.
  • Ultrasound sends high pitch sound waves which produce gentle heat to muscles to reduce spasms, inflammation and pain.
  • Hot/Cold therapy.  Heat is used to increase blood flow and relax muscles.  Cold is used to reduce muscle pain, spasm and inflammation by slowing down circulation.

Gait training/Ambulation:  A physical therapist will address ambulation/gait disturbances by working on strengthening, balance and endurance exercises.  They will all assess and train in the use of ambulatory devices most appropriate for specific needs.(Cane, walker etc)

Stair training:  The therapist will evaluate one’s ability to navigate steps safely.  Recommendations may be made to compensate for difficulties in this area.

Strengthening/Conditioning:  The physical therapist will work with individual to promote optimal strength and endurance so they are able to function safely and effectively.

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