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Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction

You have drive, talent, ambition and are good at what you do. You also have a foreign or regional accent that may be getting in the way of clear communication. Have you ever thought:

  • I’m tired of repeating myself all day long.
  • My boss is concerned that clients can’t understand me, particularly over the phone.
  • My accent is keeping me from getting promoted.
  • People think I’m less intelligent because of my accent.
  • I’m a good actor, but I feel limited in the roles I can get.

If so, an accent reduction program (also known as accent modification) may be for you. While an accent is not a speech or language disorder, it can negatively impact your job performance, personal life and self-esteem. You have come so far already. Why not go further?

What Is Accent Reduction Exactly?

A systematic approach to changing

  • sound pronunciation (vowels and consonants)
  • intonation, stress and rhythm of speech

Is It Difficult?

Change is never easy. Once you have been evaluated and your personal program has been created, intensive, daily practice is required to achieve your goals. Many of our clients who have practiced 60 minutes per day have successfully reduced their accents by 50% or higher.

How Long Will It Take?

It depends on how “heavy” an accent or dialect you have, and how frequently you practice.  As previously mentioned, consistent practice is necessary to keep you moving forward. The average length of an accent reduction program generally ranges between 7-13 weeks.

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