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» Christmas and Holiday Greetings from Holsman Physical Therapy Morris Park Bronx NY
Christmas and Holiday Greetings from Holsman Physical Therapy Morris Park Bronx NY

Our Team members at Holsman Physical Therapy in Morris Park Bronx, NY  are not only excellent at what they do as a treating clinician, they are also extremely creative!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Bronx, Morris Park Ave, NY: Holsman Physical Therapy of NY P.C.

Home Therapy PT Physical and Occupational Therapy L.L.C.Active Motion Physical Therapy P.C.

799 Morris Park Ave.
Bronx NY 10462
Phone: 718-684-6300, Fax: 718-684-6301
Clinic hours: 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday, Saturday by appointment

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Welcome to Home Therapy PT Physical and Occupational Therapy L.L.C. at Morris Park, Bronx, NY.

The Morris Park Bronx, NY location of Home Therapy PT Physical and Occupational Therapy L.L.C. is distinguished for its comprehensive and effective range of geriatric physical therapy and occupational therapy, and sports therapy.

Everything we do is designed to contribute to your full recovery.

In New York City, Home Therapy PT Physical and Occupational Therapy is the leader in geriatric rehabilitation and in the recovery of knee, foot, ankle, shoulder and back injuries.

We offer personalized care and state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and wellness programs such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and Aerobic Conditioning and weight loss programs to contribute to your ongoing wellness.

We work with Medicare patients, Workers Compensation cases and general orthopedic, sports and soft tissue injuries.

We work closely with your physician to ensure a coordinated care approach.

We accept all major insurances including Medicare and Medicaid plans such as Healthfirst, Fidelis Care, Amida Care, Affinity, Blue Cross Blues Shield, Aetna, Workmen's Compenasation, and Auto Accidents/ No Fault cases.

Services offered at Bronx, NY

Physical Therapy

When physical impairments, injuries or limitations impact your quality of life, the physical therapists with Home Therapy PT Physical and Occupational Therapy L.L.C.   in Bronx, New York are there to help. Our full array of physical therapy services includes post-surgery rehabilitation, treatment of musculoskeletal issues, neurological, balance training and vestibular rehabilitation to help people who are at risk for falls, therapeutic massage, therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, postural re-education,gait training and ambulation issues, mobilization therapy focused on muscles ligaments and joints, and pain management.

Among the special therapeutic modalities we use to address pain issues are  Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) which sends small electrical pulses through the skin via electrodes being placed on the body needing treatment, Ultrasound, which sends high pitch sound waves through the body to produce gentle heat to muscles to reduce spasms, inflammation and pain, and hot/cold therapy. Heat is used to increase blood flow and relax muscles. Cold is used to reduce muscle pain, spasm and inflammation by slowing down circulation.

Occupational Therapy

When physical limitations threaten your independence and ability to care for yourself, do your work and enjoy your leisure activities, the occupational therapists with Home Therapy PT Physical and Occupational Therapy L.L.C. in Bronx, New York bring their expertise to help you.

We offer self-care evaluation and training, which involves teaching techniques and use of adaptive devices to improve your ability to bathe, groom, dress and feed yourself, get in and out of the bathtub, on and off the toilet and other specific and essential tasks.

We can assess your ability to do homemaking tasks and look at alternative ways of performing tasks to adapt to limitations. We work with cardiac patients on dealing with fatigue and finding ways to do essential tasks with limited energy, and teach strengthening and conditioning exercises. We also provide therapy to encourage fine motor task skills using small muscles and gross motor skills using the larger muscles.

Wellness Programs

Our wellness programs include Tai Chi, an ancient practice proven to reduce pain and improve your mental and physical well-being by reducing stress, increasing balance and flexibility, helping you feel relaxed and improving your overall mind, body and spirit.

We also provide Yoga classes, so for relaxation and some to encourage you to move your body in new ways. You can select the style of Yoga you want to use to help you develop your flexibility, strength and balance.

We also offer a strength and conditioning program and a weight loss program.

Sports Physical Therapy

Whether you are a professional or recreational athlete, we recognize the benefits of sports in your life and how your quality of life is impacted when you cannot engage in your sport of choice anymore. We will help to determine the problem that is holding your back and work to provide physical therapy to solve it.

We understand the issue of trying to live with persistent pain and we will try to solve the problem with a personalized course of treatment.


We accept:


HEALTHFIRST Medicare and Medicaid



Fidelis Care Medicare and Medicaid

METROPLUS Medicare and Medicaid 

UNITED HEALTHCARE Community Plan Medicare and Medicaid

Empire/ Amerigroup Health Plus Empire Plans enrolled: New York NY Essential Plan, NY MLTC, and NY MedicaidBH HARP, NY Child Health Plus,

Affinity Medicare and Medicaid 

VNS choice Medicare and FIDA plans

ELDER PLAN Medicare 

Workers Compensation

Out-of-Network benefits:



Qual Care PPO





We will call your insurance company for you to verify benefits.