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Testimonial: Occupational Therapy Clifton NJ

I am a current client of your Clifton office. After my mastectomy in February, I found myself in pain and substantially limited in such important activities as getting dressed, driving, cooking, homemaking, writing, cutting food and most importantly, hugging my children.

After healing from the surgery, I contacted your office in May in the hopes that through Physical Therapy and possibly Occupational Therapy, I might be able to recover some movement and be able to get through the day without constant pain. From my first conversation with Vanessa, your secretary, through my many sessions with Roslyn, one of your Physical Therapists, I have experienced a complete turn-around in my quality of life. Roslyn has diligently, thoroughly and cheerfully encouraged me through many exercises and stretching, while never giving up on me. She always seems able to see exactly where “I’m stuck,” and creates an exercise to remediate it.

The rest of your therapists at this facility are warm and friendly as they cheer me on. Mr. Holsman, you definitely have a staff to be proud of!

Devora Farrell